Steps To Resolve Backup Exec Error 1068 Failed To Start Dependency Group

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    You may encounter an error code indicating that backup Exec failed to start the dependency group with error 1068. There are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll get to that in a moment. This error message may also appear if the password for the Backup Exec service account was recently changed. 2. When the Backup Exec services are stopped for each Backup Exec service, type change, confirm, and password.


    backup exec error 1068 dependency group failed start

    Backup Exec services intermittently start with error “1068: The service or dependency group cannot be started directly” when trying to start any or all of the Backup Exec services, which returns the error information “-Windows could not start service won’t run on small computer. Error 1069: The platform failed to start due to a connection error. “


    backup exec error 1068 dependency group failed start

    This difference occurs when the Backup Exec services are started with a customer account and password that have been changed in the domain but not upgraded to Backup Exec. Of course, this can also happen if any of the passwords transmitted by the Backup Exec services have been changed for no reason.



    1. open the Windows services console.
    2. Right click some of theFor the faulty Backup Exec services, select and Properties (this may need to be repeated for several services).
    3. On the Login tab, accept and confirm the required password.
    4. Open the Backup Exec console.
    5. In the Connect Music Server window, click Services to open the Backup Exec Service Manager.
    6. Credentials,

    7. in the Services section.
    8. Select the Edit account service balance information check box.
    9. Enter your username, correct domain name, and updated code, then click OK.
    10. Will the services be restarted? If the service providers do not start, follow the exclusive steps described above in “Step 1”
    11. .

    12. In this backup, go to the “Network” menu of the exec console and click “Login Accounts”.
    13. Highlight the login script by and click Edit by default.
    14. Click
    15. Click “Change Password” and update your company password.

    16. Click OK.

    If following the steps above did not resolve the issue, I would suggest that the issue may require you to reset the Windows Service Manager. To do this, follow these stepsiya. If this does not resolve the issue, you will need to contact Microsoft Support as Backup as Exec depends on this feature in a working solution.

    1. Open Windows Services Manager.
    2. most important

    3. Get the card of the account that is currently running the Backup Exec services
    4. Configure all Backup Exec services to log on as a national system.
    5. Restart the server.
    6. After the system reboots, verify that the Exec backup services were successfully created in the Window Services Manager. If Microsoft support is not required, enable it, as the local device account may be corrupted.
    7. Configure some Backup Exec services to best match the credentials you noted down in step 2.
    8. Restart your web hosting server again
    9. Checks if the Backup Exec services have started successfully.

    Define Backup Exec Error 1068

    How do I fix error 1068 the dependency service?

    Turn on the firewaller Windows and run it.Temporarily disable your antivirus program.Run a thorough malware scan.visit your current Windows Update.Expand the “Administrators” section.Reset the network adapter.

    What is Error 1068 the dependency service or group failed to start?

    If you’re getting “Error 1068: The dependency or group could not be started”, it might be related to the firewall. Windows Defender Firewall (Windows Firewall in Windows 10) may not start. If you try to run it additionally to receive a message, do not disable the firewall at all. There are of course others.

    Backup Exec error 1068 is commonly referred to as a “runtime error”. Software vendors try to prevent such problems in Real software until such time asuntil the next one will be released to the general public. Unfortunately, K issues such as error 1068 may not be resolved in this final step.

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  • Backup Exec users may encounter a wonderful error message such as “Dependency group failed when you need to start” after starting the program. collide. After the message, Symantec will immediately respond and investigate error 1068, I would say. Symantec may upload certain fixed issues that are discovered later as the following modified source code data so that users can update to their version. So when your computer releases these updates, it’s usually problems with error 1068 and a few other errors in Backup Exec.

    What Is The Main Reason For 1068? Errors

    In fact, when booting from Backup Exec, you will probably see Backup Exec error 1068. The following two or three main causes of problems are related to running 1068 errors:

    Error 1068, failure. This is a standard error “Backup Error exec 1068”, which leads to a complete shutdown of the program. This happens when Backup Exec is not working properly or knows what output data would be appropriate.

    Can’t connect to Net TCP error code 10061 Backup Exec?

    TCP It error coupon code 10061: Failed to establish connection to target because machine actively refused [server_ip]: 50104.” I noticed that many users reported this problem on the forum.


    Exec Backup 1068 Memory Leak When Exec Backup detects a RAM leak, the operating system will gradually slow down as the system is exhausted. Symantec code is a potential factor in each of our errors because it helps prevent end-of-program errors.

    Error 1068, logic error. Logical errors occur when the user enters the correct data, but the device returns an incorrect result. This is caused by a bug in the original Symantec standard that handles input incorrectly.

    How do I repair Backup Exec?

    Close the Backup Exec application.In the Windows Control Panel, double-click Programs and Features.Select Veritas Backup Exec(TM)For the above options, remember “Change” or right-click on the “Veritas Backup Exec” button and select “Change”.Select “Install and Locally”, “Recovery Options” and click “Next”.

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