How To Fix Error 28101, Severity 16, State 1

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • Step 3: Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish
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    If you’re seeing error 28101, severity 16, state 1, the following guide may help.

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    Black And White Printer

    1. Get sample page
    2. Referring to the image below, click on the best practice that matches the example to see what is likely to be done.

    Color Printers (make Sure The Problem Is Only With The Specific Color)

    1. Run the landing page to fix quality issues. This creates individual prints from each of the four toner cartridges.
    2. If the problem persists with all colors, compare these samples with the images below.
    3. If the problem is with one color, set the printer to Turn off cartridges frequently, and check to see if the cartridges are replaced. If the problem goes away, the old cartridge was definitely defective. If the problem persists, then something has to do with the cartridge: a high voltage contact, a high current circuit, or a laser scanner.
    1. Small pressure (partial).Shake
    1. Reinsert the photo cartridge(s) carefully and make sure the lid is securely closed. If this helps, then the main cartridge is almost empty and will need to be replaced soon.
    2. If the fixture areas contain striped paper movement information (as in the current image), the laser/scanner optics may be somewhat contaminated.If the blog site page is light, check the mechanical alignment of the cartridge(s) (if the drum(s) are separated by the cartridge) and the transfer elements. This may indicate a high voltage problem (see another step).
    3. If the light areas are random on the page, check for cartridge(s), drum(s), and switching elements in people with high voltage.
    4. If the contacts seem good, your high voltage power supply may be faulty.Examine the surface image (cartridge(s), transfer roller or ribbon, etc. and even the fuser) for visible imperfections corresponding to a shiny area on the page.
    2. Light printing (full withpage, colors). Settings
    1. check again in the print quality menu. In particular, if Economode (or “Economy Mode”) is activated, turn it off! Also check the print density settings. Color printers have individual print density settings for color.
    2. Each of the points discussed in Impression #1 (bright part) can even result in the whole page being light. An intermediate test may advise reducing it. Lasers/scanners and high power supplies are the most common causes. Note that if you have a color printer with separate scanners for each color, light printing in all colors will probably not be too good because of the scanner, as all four scanners must be too bad.
    3. < /ol>

      3. Easy printing, single color (color printer).
      1. Check the quality of the printed color distortion corrections. Select “Calibrate Now” from the menu (this should also be done after replacing a picture element, most of which areThey are a toner cartridge, a scanner, and possibly a transfer ribbon).
      2. Verification Disable cartridge verification and the cartridges will switch between the assigned color and another color. If most of the color is still light, the experts say the cartridge is defective.
      3. If the color of the light changes to any specified color in a suspicious place, then something is wrong with that place. Check high contact voltage. The power supply or transfer case with higher voltage may be defective. If the device has separate lasers/scanners, the one connected to this slot may be faulty.
      4. Missing color.
      1. Check that the correct color cartridge is installed correctly (also check the high voltage contacts) and that the printer cartridge latch opens when the laser printer door is closed. Check the rotation of the toner cartridge by looking at the mark on the drum (outside the printable area) and see if the position of the mark has changed after this print attempt. If not, the ink cartridge or proThe gram cartridge drive may be defective.
      2. If your printer has separate scanners for each color, check the appropriate scanner and contact support if necessary. Make sure that the protective shutter is open and that the scanner optics have not moved. Mai’s scanner is also broken.
      3. Print out an engine rating (see relevant section for details). If all colors are there, pass the test, either the formatter is faulty, or the firmware.
      4. Other options are usually transfer tape or an existing high power source. Replace them from time to time.
      5. Spots in front, back or side.

      error 28101 severity 16 state 1

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