Steps To Fix Error #48 Enotsup

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In some cases, your computer may display an error code indicating error #48 enotsup. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    error #48 enotsup


    non-version of the system does not actually support the feature requested, although future versions of the system may support it. Maybe


    This is usually not a system message from a remote kernel, but an error returned by the application. Contact your marketer or application author for an update. Methods

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • Step 3: Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

  • messages

    Solaris/Unix error notes are very brief, and almost always we need more information about the origin of the error, as well as possible steps to fix the problem.

    Here is a list of error messages related to Solaris/Unix for your personal reference. Most bug reporting campaigns are Unix bug reports, but again, many Solaris-specific bug reports are generic. Please comment if you can resolve more detailed bug information.

    This is a multi-part form. This covers part of the error message, typed from L to N
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    104. repeated Last message n times
    105. error fatal: deletion: character variable
    106 not found:. Variable: Fatal: Variable: Unable to open errno=2
    107 directory:. le0: memory error!
    108. No Le0: cable operator disconnected or disconnected?
    Hub connection test 109.le0: Transceiver carrier cable problem – no?
    110. FILE link I=i count MODE=m owner=o SIZE=s MTIME=t COUNT… REGULATE?
    111. LL105W: protocol error detected.
    112. ln: never create: system file in /dev/fb alone
    113 read.Lockd[N]: create_client: no address name for inet 0xN
    114. Wrong registration
    115. LP crashes

    116.Unable mailtool: create mail: Permission denied
    117. mailtool: art failed to initialize single classification engine
    118. A mail tool that confuses your mail file status.
    119. Post. Your zip file was detected as (corrupted content length mismatch).
    120. Aligning memory addresses
    121. Memory leaks
    122. Location: /dev/dskIs /variable /Variable already mounted, busy or…
    123. mount: removed relative to: /variable
    124.Mount point /variable never exists.
    125. mount: /dev/dsk/variable binding state in broken
    126./net/variable: No such directory
    127 or. Network not working
    128. Network unavailable
    129. Failed to access RPC server via NFS: timed out
    130 variables: .nfs Failed to mount: bind so you have port
    131 reserved. mount:mount:nfs factor:device busy
    132.Connect via NFS: /variable set OK
    133. read NFS forum variable error
    134.Nfs_server: invalid arguments for N/N
    135. NFS server variable should not try yet
    136. server NFS variable OK
    137. nfs umount:variable: busy
    138. Error writing NFS variable to host: no remaining space on device.
    139. NFS entry design error for variable: server timeout
    140 rpc:. NIS+ authentication failed
    141.No free buffer space
    142. No child processes
    143. No media available
    144th mass board standard! no Equipped with login home=/
    145.No message right after type
    146 required Recipient not specified
    147. No records available
    148. No route to host
    149. No connectionClosed shell statements
    150. Not enough disk space waiting for next device
    151. No such device
    152.No such device or address
    153.No sorting or file directory
    154. There is no such domain map in the server
    155. No sorting process
    156. No user as variable – data not created by cron
    157. Small repertoire
    158. Not enough space
    159. not found
    160./Variable: Note: no more inodes
    161. The shell is not reversible
    162. Not in the system
    163 console. Not owner
    164.Not supported

    This message comes from the Syslog(1M) function that prints
    Console related messages and stores them all in /var/adm/messages. To
    Reduce log size and minimize buffer usage, syslog crashesSee all very similar news for a second and then
    prints this dot, message with the number of repetitions.

    Now review this message to determine which message seems to be repeated
    often. Then review the chronic message and take action
    j. With duplicate entriesand in the log such as “su as Failed”…
    appear, treat the possibility of triggering a burglar alarm as a violation.message

    This is the linker runtime From 1 that many in
    try running the application
    given after colon,
    the first character specified must not be found to shift.
    The message indicates which database the referenced symbol is located in. This
    since this is a really fatal error, stop using it

    run ldd Acquir to which application shared it
    Therefore object dependencies and symbols are not found. Probably yours
    system deprecated contains a shared object that should
    contain characters. From the supplier or contact author
    update range for .error

    this does not necessarily apply to first-time families raising a child
    Usage. Custom uses can easily take months to developAn application rarely refers to an undefined icon.

    error #48 enotsup

    This is the message pointed toShows the ld runtime, while
    Execution of the technique after the first specified non-colon must
    Find the common object after the third colon. Sharing
    an object (now sometimes called a dynamic library) being managed. error
    The number 2 means something “not like a file or (ENOENT) directory”. Important

    as a workaround, set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
    Specify the location where the item in question was published, e.g. B


    Better yet, if you need access to the source code, compile from
    Program the boot option -Rpath. Usage
    It is recommended not to use ld_library_path as it reduces performance.

    This message means that the network interface encountered an error
    Timeout for access from main memory of the processor. There probably
    nothing but happens, system overload.

    When the system is busy with other processes, this routing error may occur

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