Solving Roland Plotter Engine Errors

Over the past few weeks, some of our users have experienced a known issue with a roland plotter kernel bug. This issue occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss some of them below.

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    Index Solution Reason B

    Press any key to cancel the operation and clear the error message. Move the pressure rollers to the exact position and reload the support.

    *Note. If an OK message is displayed, which I would say pinch rollers move to the correct positions frequently, the machine is usually in direct sunlight or strong room light. Turn off the cannon and place the machine in the indicated location where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight, glare or light.
    After moving the reels, turn on Power all.Rollers

    The pinching happens exactly where it is, the material cannot be pinched.


    The machine couldn’t read their swallows. Check out our own shape color marks, as well as the color and gloss of the material.
    If a double error occurs after checking the shape and color of a set of swallows, also the colors in addition to the swallows.content you are viewing, contact your authorized Roland DG Corp. dealer.

    The shape, color or quality of the cut, or the color or sheen of the material kit is not suitable for this machine. The problem can also be related to mechanical failure.

    Press any key to clear the error message. Upload new material.

    Crop indicator 2 or 3 is plain Or tilted another 5 degrees.

    Critical one of these keys to clear the error message. Upload new material.

    The mark or cut is even more offset by 20 mm or more in the direction of material flow.

    Press any key to indicate an error message. clothes Reload or change the position of the crop mark 2. Check

    Cut 2 – from 20 mm fiber direction.


    First, delete the saveddata in the model.

  • Preparation 1: data for cross-validation.
  • Then, reduce the size of the evidence sent from the computer and return that type. Then REPEAT THE RAFT

  • Cut the same thing over and over
  • The set of objects associated with the data stored on the machine is actually too large and Replot cannot run.

    E Turn off specific power source and contact your authorized Roland Corp dg dealer. Press the key multiple times to clear all error messages. Check data sent by computer and send web data correctly.

    Which data is sent, the computer has no right to interpret.

    roland plotter motor error

    The fixed number settings are different.

    The specified parameter is out of range.


    turn off the power, lower the charging handle and insert new equipment.

    The power plant was heavily loaded and stopped working.

    • When loading the material, the actual cup was made thick.
    • Material that has been uncoiled shortly after rolling without feed before the material is cut.
    • Ultimately, la’s machine was overloaded, mostly due to a hardware hang or similar.

    When you cut a roll of material, you end up removing the material you want to cut from the roll. Run the demo tape before disconnecting. Set the AREA value of the menu in the display to about 20 cm larger than the length of the DA data.

  • Media roll (3) (media supply)
  • —When cutting thick materials, place a HEAVY quality load behind the cut.

  • Set the cutting quality (QUALITY)
  • O

    Turn off the device and place it in a place wherenot but will be exposed to direct sunlight or strong light. Then turn off the power.

    The machine was exposed to direct sunlight or strong interior lighting and could not determine where it was coming from when it was needed, usually after immediately turning on the power.

    Press any button to clear a specific error message. Make sure that the position of the cut or origin never goes beyond the defined material and update the settings.

    This indicates that my home position or cut marks may be placed outside of the material.

    roland plotter motor error

    Press any key to cancel the setting and error message. Load this material correctly and prepare it for cutting (configured state).

  • Download content from location
  • An attempt was made to enable it without loading any hardware Information. The material was removed when the machine was ready to cut. The material came off while cutting.
    Press the

    key to clear the error message. Change settings to device mode and sensor return data.

  • Step f. Define the reconciliation method
  • The data for cut marks in the backyard garden was sent when some machines were in implement mode.

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  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
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  • Proprietary computer cropping files were sent while the device was in manual mode.

    Press any key to clear the current error message about. Change machine settings on the way to tool mode, then revert all data. This applies four cut marks. machine When is in tool mode, it is definitely possible to cut with three scalp marks.
    If you want to apply three crop marks, leave the machine in touch mode and change both the state and color of the crop marks, or the material color and gloss.

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