Fixed: How To Fix Schtasks In Windows XP.

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    If you have noticed schtasks in Windows XP, the following user guide should help you.

    Allows you to create, delete, query, edit, start and stop scheduled skills on the local or remote desktop. If Schtasks.exe is run with no arguments, it displays an echo status and the next available execution for each Registered task.

    For more information about the migration job scheduler, see this introduction: Job Scheduler developers.

    Create A Task

    The syntax here is used to create an absolute task on the local machine even on a remote machine.

    Shtasks /Create[/S system[/U login[/P [password]]]][/RU [/RP login [password]] /SC execution schedule [/MO modifier] [/D tag][/M month] [/I idle time] /TN task name task execution /tr [/ST start time][/RI Interval] [ /ET End Time [/K][/XML XML File] [/V1]] [/SD Start Date] [/ED End Date] [/IT] [/Z] [/F]




    /s specifies the remote computer to connect to. If it is not specified, the city computer uses the default value.

    /U username

    A value describing the user context under which Schtasks.exe runs.


    /p [password]

    A relevance that specifies the password for the given user context. If this parameter is not specified, Schtasks.exe prompts for user

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  • /RU username

    schtasks in windows xp

    A value indicating this user context in which the task runs. Good values ​​for the system account are “”, AUTHORITYSYSTEM”, “nt in addition to “SYSTEM” to. For Task 2 scheduler.0 tasks, AUTHORITYLOCALSERVICE ” “nt and AUTHORITYNETWORKSERVICE ” “nt are also valid values.


    A [password]

    Take advantage of the fact that the password is provided by the specified user in the /RU type parameter. Ask for personal details, the value must be “*” or not. This change is ignored for the system account. This parameter must be combined with the /RU /XML key or a switch.

    Where is Schtasks exe located?

    schtasks.exe is a legitimate executable only developed by Microsoft Corporation. This process is called “Managing Scheduled Tasks” and therefore refers to the Windows operating system. it is usually stored in C:WindowsSystem32.Den.get

    /SC Calendar

    Meaning of

    a indication of an arbitrary frequency program. Valid values ​​for Are are: DAILY, Minute DAILY, WEEKLY, ONCE, MONTH, ONLOGON, ONIDLE, and SINGLE EVENT. Modifier


    Indicates that refines the selection to schedules, to provide finer control over the repetition of the schedule. Valid relationships:

  • MINUTES: – 11439 minutes.
  • TIME: individually – 23:00.
  • EVERY 1 dayDay: up to 365 days.
  • WEEKLY: Weekend 1-52
  • ONE TIME: no modifiers.
  • START: no modifier.
  • ONLOGON: no modifier.
  • ONIDLE: no modifier.1-12
  • ONEVENT: XPath event query string.
  • /D

    One Market Day

    cost indicating the day of the week the adventure occurs. Valid values ​​are: Mon, Tue, Fri, Wednesday, Thurs, Sat, Sun and time MONTHLY 1-26 (days of the month). A specific wildcard specifies a character (*) for all days.

    /M months


    a indicates the change of seasons. By default, the day is the beginning of the month. Valid dates are JANUARY, MAR, FEBRUARY, APRIL, MAY, JUNE, AUG, JULY, SEP, OCT and NOVEMBER, DEC. The (*) substitution parameter all specifies months.

    /idle time

    Meaning of

    a which time defines idle time to wait for the scheduled start of the ONIDLE task. Valid range: 1 to 999 minutes.

    /TN task name

    The value becomes a name that uniquely identifies the scheduled task.

    /TR task

    The corresponding value specifies the file name, path, and file of the task to be run. time at the scheduled time. Example: C:WindowsSystem32calc.exe.

    /ST start time

    Love indicating the start of a possible task. The time order of the hour (24 in hh:mm format). For 2:30 p.m., the example is 2:30 p.m. The default value is frequent, that is, the current time if /st, it is not specified. This option is a /SC requirement with an ONCE argument.



    A A value that specifies our own minute repeat interval. This only applies to the following types that you can program: MINUTE, HOURLY, ONLOGON, onstart, ONIDLE and ONEVENT. A valid 1, the range is specifically -599940 minutes. If one of the /ET or /DU options is specified, the default value is ten minutes.

    Windows XP and Windows 2003: The server option is not available.


    End Time

    A value that specifies how long the execution task will wait. Time The format is 24 hours (hh:mm time). 14:50: The example shows 14:50. This does not apply to ONSTART, scheduling audience types: ONIDLE onlogon and ONEVENT.

    and windows XP Windows 2003: Web Server This option is not available.


    schtasks in windows xp

    A value that determines the specific duration of the task. The time format is 24 hours (hh:mm time). 14:50: The example shows 14:50. This does not apply to /ET in addition to the following ONSTART scheduling models: ONIDLE onlogon and ONEVENT. One hour.

    How do I view Windows scheduler logs?

    Open Event Viewer and go to Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/-Windows you will see taskscheduler/optional, you will see the task history of all.

    Windows This xp option: is not available.



    How do I open Task Scheduler in Windows XP?

    To access the task scheduler (see Fig. 15-10), select “Start” → “All Programs” → “Accessories” → “System Tools” → “Scheduled Tasks”. This will open the Task Schedule window, which initially contains a known only (unless the program you installed already has a scheduled task) called “Add Scheduled Task”.

    Someone who completes a task within a finite time or an eternal point. This does not apply to the following schedule types: ONSTART, Onlogon onidle, and ONEVENT. Or /ET must be specified along with /DU.

    Windows And so xp Windows 2003: Server This option is simply not available.

    /SD start date

    Value Where

    a first specifies the date when the task should be completed. Structure: dd/mm/yyyy. This value allows today’s date to be used by default. In fact, this applies to the following schedule types: ONCE, Onstart, onlogon, ONIDLE, and ONEVENT.

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